Anne U Photography | Madison Wisconsin Newborn Photographer // Fresh 48 Hospital Session
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Madison Wisconsin Newborn Photographer // Fresh 48 Hospital Session

If I could photograph one thing for my entire life, (besides my own family of course) it would probably be fresh 48 sessions.  We wait for 9 long months (at least, most times we are waiting and praying for longer) for that day to come when we can finally hold our precious baby in our arms, breathe them in, kiss their soft cheeks, and whisper I love you for the first time in their perfect little ears.  So many raw emotions and changes happen in those first 48 hours, and they all happen so very fast, too fast to remember it all.  This is why I love these sessions so much.  Yes, I know, you just had a baby.  Yes, I understand, really I do, (I’ve had 4 babies myself) that you might not be feeling or looking your best.  But having these photographs to look back on and transport you to that time and place when your sweet baby was so fresh, and so new, is absolutely priceless.  Trust me.  

These are photos of my dear friends who welcomed their baby 3 weeks early, weighing in at 8 lbs 1 oz, so perfect in every way.  

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